The Only Complete Training Course
for OSCAR-based EMRs

Welcome to the only complete training courses and webinars for OSCAR-based EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems that will teach you the system from ground zero the way it's supposed to be used

Interactive Training From A to Z

Training Courses & Webinars

  • Detailed tips, easy to understand

  • Deeply improve your knowledge (by learning all the features), or learn OSCAR from scratch! 

  • Courses are applicable to all OSCAR-based EMRs, such as OSCAR EMR, OSCAR PRO, OpenOSP, JUNO, Avaros, Indivicare, etc. since they all function the same except for some differences in user interface, which are explained

  • Full of hundreds of efficiency tips and secrets that will save you hours every week 

  • Receive a certificate for successful completion of the course that can be verified electronically to verify authenticity

  • Course modules designed for MOAs/clinic staff, doctors, clinic managers/administrators and anyone who wants to learn OSCAR effectively in the most cost-effective and comprehensive way 

  • Access to OSCAR EMR experts for questions

Verified by Doctors

Family physicians and specialists consulted on each lesson to make sure the lessons are well-suited for all clinic environments.

Learn at your own pace

After signing up, you have access to the course platform and all the interactive content so you can comfortably go through all the content, lessons, handouts and quizzes*

The Courses

The Courses are designed by real EMR developers who have extensive experience using, developing, and administering OSCAR EMR, OSCAR PRO, JUNO, Avaros, and all other OSCAR versions.

"Our clinic really struggled with utilizing our OSCAR-based EMR system. Thanks to this course I am confident and can see more patients every day because of the time I now save."

- Course Graduate (Physician)

After countless hours of using OSCAR EMR first-hand and training physicians, MOAs and clinic managers on OSCAR, it was frustrating that there were no readily available all-in-one training resources for the program.

"Previously, the only option for training was to hire expensive training companies, which didn't give us meaningful training. After the course, I could learn comfortably at my own pace, I understood the EMR effectively and saved myself at least 3 hours per week by following the tips."

- Course Graduate

There was a deep need to use our unique experience and knowledge of OSCAR to help users and clinics by creating these all-in-one training offerings, so that other OSCAR users could finally learn the system the way it is meant to be used.


We have heard many complaints of clinics looking to hire staff that have “experience with OSCAR EMR” but until now there was no standardized education course for making sure that users have the resources and knowledge they need to function effectively in a clinic.

The Comprehensive Training Courses Include...


  • Preface and lessons divided into modules that flow logically

  • Tips with screenshots and examples

  • Suggestions on real-life clinic EMR workflow from real doctors

  • Detailed video walkthroughs



The Training Webinars Include...


  • Live session with ability to ask questions at any time via mic/chat

  • Detailed tips, hear relevant questions from other participants

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